The Gwendoline and Margaret Davies Charity is a grant-giving organisation which broadly benefits the arts, education, health and social concern in Wales, with a focus on small and local organisations.

It also contributes to projects of national significance in education, music and the arts. It takes as its inspiration the aims and interests of its founders, Gwendoline and Margaret Davies, who lived at Gregynog near Newtown, Powys.

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  1. Gwendoline (1882 to 1951) and Margaret (1884 to 1963) Davies were the granddaughters of David Davies ('Top Saywer') of Llandinam, Powys. Growing up as the eldest of nine childern on a smallholding, he began work in a sawmill, and later went into agriculture and constrction, earning a fortune in the railways and later in coal mining.

  2. Gwendoline and Margaret, along with their brother David, inheritied their grandfather's fortune when their father died at a relatively young age. They had been raised in the strict beliefs of Calvinistic Methodism, through which they believed it was their duty to put their wealth to use in the service of those less fortunate than themsleves. They also loved art and music, travelled widely in Europe and beyond, and built up a collection of art, dominated by French impressionist paintings, which was later bequeathed to the National Museum of Wales.

  3. After the First World War in which they served with the Red Cross in France, they purchased Gregynog Hall and established it as a centre of music and the creative arts in Mid Wales. They supported social, political and cultural initiatives in Wales and beyond, including many of the key national institutions such as the National Library and the University of Wales

  4. They spent much of their time responding to informal requests for charitable support from a wide range of individuals, organisations and causes. On Margaret's death a charity was established, with an endowment as set out in her Will, to enable such support to continue in line with the interests and concerns of the two sisters. The Gwendoline and Margaret Davies Charity is therefore a continuing legacy of their vision and generosity.


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The Charity supports organisations and projects in Wales that benefit the arts, education, health and society. Beneficiaries including organisations that promote music and the arts, projects in remote and disadvantaged communities, and organisations that provide services to vulnerable individuals. We also support prominent national arts organisations, and projects of national significance.

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In order to be eligible for a grant you must be a registered charity with a presence in Wales and the primary beneficaries of the grant must be based in Wales. We tend not to fund organisations with incomes over £1 million per year.

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Main grant is for £2,000-£10,000. To submit an application, complete the application form by email with a budget and copy of annual accounts.

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For grants of up to £2,000, please email your letter of application, budget and copy of annual accounts to the DIrector at

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The Trustees review all applications that meet the qualifying criteria at their meetings 3 times a year.


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